My Purpose

Why work with me?  I’m not just a professionally trained coach, I also have personal life training.  For as long as I can      remember I have always loved helping people. Even as far back as grade school I had the desire and passion to serve as a    resource for my community. Providing content that will help with their everyday life. The reason I am able to relate and help  you transform your life is because I speak from a place of familiarity.

 During my late teens, I became a mom. During that time I also hid the fact that I was also in an abusive relationship. Fast-  forward a few years my self-esteem was practically non-existent. That relationship finally ended and I felt EMPOWERED for  –Getting out ALIVE! Moving forward I later married and became a mom for the second time. Life was “GOOD”! I had the ideal  life….Husband, children, beautiful home, cars, financial stability, career, involved in ministry, etc. My life soon turned upside down. I found myself Divorced, Broke, homeless, alone with my children, feeling ashamed, rejected, abandoned. I also began experiencing major emotional and financial hardship. While in this dark place GOD reminded me that I will recover ALL that was lost. In the midst of my pain, my passion for helping others grew stronger. I knew deep down inside I was designed with a PURPOSE and Pre-destined to live a Blessed and Successful life. Now, as I look back at my life I realized that everything that I have gone through was all part of GOD plan for me to become the WOMAN that I am today.

I want to help YOU remember who you are really created to be. I will help you reclaim your power and faith in GOD’s plan for your life. I will help you forgive yourself and others for your negative experiences. Together we will help release your SHAME, GUILT, BLAME and FEAR. We will work together to transform your limiting beliefs and help you discover and develop the purpose that has always been with in you!

Are you ready to move forward? If so, schedule your FREE Journey to Success session TODAY email me at: or call me (706)452-1177

I love helping single moms make positive changes in their and their children lives. To reach more single moms, I offer a free call (normally $100) for 30 minutes every other week. During this call, we’ll talk about what would make things amazing for you and your kids, what vicious blockers might be sabotaging your efforts, and what simple adjustments in life might make huge gains. Afterwards, most women walk away excited and ready to claim their lost hopes and dreams.

If you want this, just call or send me your name, phone number, and tell me a bit about your current situation below:

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