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Be Bold and confidently you

Start your journey of gaining self-confidence so you can get out of your own way and start living a truly happy life on your own terms.

struggling with

Download your free copy of the ultimate guide to gaining absolute confidence so you can crush your goals and become unapologetically you.


negative self talk or wondering if you are good enough

letting fear or doubt get in the way of your dreams

procrastinating and self-sabotaging your goals

hiding your own feelings and beliefs to be accepted

Did you know?

When you lack confidence, you’re putting yourself in jeopardy of losing the success you’re capable of before you even begin to try.

There are some simple steps to building confidence that are often pushed aside because of certain fears.

You can’t really know where to begin with your confidence-building journey unless you know where you are on the confidence chart.

The last step in gaining confidence in yourself is to seek the experience you need for the goals you want to reach.

What we will cover

Simple Steps To Confidence

Building Confidence - One Step At A Time

Assess Your Confidence Level

Learn To Be Assertive

Revamp Your Image

When Confidence Wavers

How To Get Rid Of Confidence Killers

Why Confidence Matters


aannnd while we cover all that, you will also get ALL of the following planning sheets and checklists to help you gain absolute confidence and successfully plan out your next 6 weeks.

Jewels' Vision board - set goals for all areas of your life

6 week action plan - put those goals into your calendar

Weekly Action plan - break those goals into simple steps

Action steps Guide - Break up your goal into actionable Steps

Be bold & Confident checklist - Easy to follow steps to confidence

Confidence Assessment - Discover where you need to focus on most

Meet Your New Biz Coach & Cheerleader

Hi, i'm Dr. Judith

I am an Internationally Certified Empowerment Coach, Business Consultant, Author and Certified Grant Writer. I am the CEO of JEWEL’s Coaching & Consulting Services, Inc., Jewels Family Success Center and Golden Life Senior Services. 

I am the author of Unveil Your Life Purpose and the International Co-author of The Book of Women Empowerment and Confidence: 365 Daily Affirmations.  Dr. Judith’s versatile work experience provides her with a unique perspective in balancing priorities, creating a business-life balance and being an effective Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Advocate for women and teen Issues. 

I am also an authorized trainer through Rhema International Training Group Inc. and The Life Coach Certification Group Incorporated providing Certified Coach Practitioner training and Certification. Dr. Judith’s training enables her to guide her clients from a place of self-doubt to a Bold, Confident and prosperous life!

Start your Self Confidence Journey

Download your free copy of the ultimate guide to gaining absolute confidence so you can crush your goals and become unapologetically you.

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