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Unveil The Confident and empowered You

I believe women draw on their own strengths, creativity and resourcefulness to effect change, and I believe in you.

It can take a bit of work to unveil the truth, but it’s within you. It’s waiting to be unearthed and utilized and I am here to help you every step of the way. After every one of our one on one coaching calls, you will get a plan that will allow you to start each day with a smile, hope, and action. I have faith in your ability to achieve your dreams, and creating a more fulfilling life into reality. 

Just imagine the inner peace, self-confidence, the feeling of self-worth, and being able to live boldly while making the impact you have always dreamed into a reality.

Let's do this together!

Hi! I'm Dr. Judith - your personal cheerleader and empowerment coach, ready to help you live boldly and confidently.

My clients say my super power is… Empowerment! I am your go-to Coach for all things Empowerment, Inspiration, and Informational. My strength is to help guide you as you connect dots between YOUR unique gifts, strengths, and passions to build your dream business and life that gives you freedom and fulfillment, while making an impact on the world. Basically – I’m here to cheer for you while helping you successfully build the business and life you desire on your terms!

My strength is helping you connect the dots between YOUR unique strengths, gifts, and passions to build a dream business and life that gives you freedom and fulfillment, while making an impact on the world. In short – I’m all about helping you build a business and life based on YOUR definition of success. (While holding you accountable to your goals.)

my extraordinary coaching skills..

Making your vision come to life is now apart of my goals

Discover your gifts, talent and purpose.

Gain clarity on the direction to go towards.

Write your vision & goals.

Create a plan of action and timeline.

Successfully Take Action!

Client love notes

"I have the confidence to pursue my dreams and pursue realistic, attainable goals"

I am so grateful to have ever met you. You have changed my outlook on life, and my life in general. Since our first session I have been able to truly transform my vision for my life. I have the confidence to pursue my dreams and pursue realistic, attainable goals because of the steps I've taken since coming under the guidance of you, Ms. Fletcher. I can now call myself an actress and submit myself for real acting jobs, instead of just fantasizing about it. You are a Queen helping women like me find our crowns, thank you!
Fonda J
Founder & CEO
How does this work?

Here is what to expect

Step 1: Apply to work together

Let's start off with you telling me all your ideas and dreams! seriously, I wanna know. This helps me better understand you and see the bigger picture plus they help set the stage for what is to come.

Step 2: Hop on a discovery call

After I review your application we will get on a complimentary discovery call where we discuss the goals we need to achieve and make sure we are a good fit.

Step 3: Fill out the questionnaire

After you've signed the contract, you will get a questionnaire. Don't hold back here because I want to know all the juicy details as this lays the foundation for everything we do moving forward.

Step 4: Schedule our kick-off call

After your questionnaire we will set up a 90 minute call where we will discuss your questionnaire. You will leave this call with clarity, breakthrough and motivated to tackle the next step.

Step 5: Receive your success plan

Together we'll create a strategic plan to destroy all your obstacles and to become closer to making your goals a reality so you can start living your dream life.

Step 6: Seeing REAL results

This is the best part. Seeing how far you have come and the progress you have made will catapult your momentum with a plan for sustainable change to unveil your limitless potential.

Are you ready?

We will work together to transform your limiting beliefs and help you discover and develop the purpose that has always been with in you!

Identify limiting Beliefs

and finally put them to rest so you can show up as your best self.

Gain Clarity & Happiness

so you can know you are on the right path and truly enjoy each moment

Unveil your Purpose

and start feeling fulfilled by the impact you are making in the world

Transform your life

so you have more time with your loved ones and being what you love

Client love notes

"Judith Fletcher is the reason why I became a certified coach."

Judith Fletcher is the reason why I became a certified coach. She introduced me to the concept by calling out things that I was already doing which aligned with what I thought wasn't really a real thing via profession other than in sports. She so eloquently shared what she discovered and stepped me through the training process to become certified. Judith is a person who is a consistent giver not only of her wealth of knowledge but of her time to motivate you to take action.
Veronica Simon

The Investment

Unveil Your Inner Jewel

My Signature One on One Coaching Program


Strategies for success


Unveil Your Inner Jewel ebook


The Bold and Confident You

Let's Do This!

Fill out your Application!

Not everyone is the right fit for my one-on-one coaching, and sometimes, it’s just that one of my other services might work better for your stage in business!  (See above for my other services!) The application and then your complimentary consultation call will help us determine if we’re the perfect fit to work together!


Frequently Asked Questions

A personal life coach is a highly trained and certified expert providing his clients with support, inspiration, and motivation to achieve some kind of goals. Our rough and busy life offers us a lot of stressful situations. Hiring a life coach will help you deal with any of them with ease.

Every case differs, so the experience also differs. As a result, my clients achieve their goals. They can make the right decisions, find a balance between their work and life. They clearly understand what is essential to them and what the way they want to live their lives. Their life becomes more colorful and purposeful.

No. Besides my main work in the office, I also offer my coaching services by phone or skype.

Coaching by phone provides you with a comfortable environment and lets you open up more fully if you worry about your appearance or if you are too emotional. You can relax thinking you are in privacy and concentrate on the work with your coach.

Yes. I am committed to helping people achieve their lifelong goals and motivate them to enjoy their life in fullest.

Actually, the therapy and life coaching just complement each other but life coaching slightly differs. During coaching sessions, the coach determines the goals you need to achieve, creates a strategic plan, and guides you on how to put it into action.

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