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Non-Profit Consulting Services

Grant Writing Services-  We will then write you a competitive grant proposal, customized to the grant funder’s interests. Most foundation proposals are simple and in most cases can be completed within a few days, while government (City, County, State and/or Federal) proposals typically require extensive planning, research and coordination among various stakeholders. Fees range ($500-$10,000)

Master Grant Proposal -  We will conduct comprehensive research to determine the current market for your services. This will help in identifying a need for specific services, competition, potential growth and possible streams of income. Based on the complexity of the plan, the fees range from $1200-$3,000. 

Program Development

We will design programs for agencies such as After-school programs, Mentoring, Health Related programs (HIV/AIDS, Breast, Cervical, Lung cancer, Pediatric Asthma, etc.), At-Risk youth programs, Foster care transitional living program, Underserved/Under-privilege service provider, etc. for a fee ranging from $2,500 - $6,000, depending on the complexity of the assignment. 

Grant Research Services    

Conduct comprehensive research to locate funding sources for your organization. This will include identifying funding from: foundations, corporations, and the government (State and Federal funders). We will identify from 5 - 10 potential funding opportunities and deliver the information to your organization through both e-mail and hard copy. Fee is $750

Grant Proposal Review

We will evaluate a grant proposal written by your organization prior to submission to the funding source. We proofread it, matching it against the proposal and funding guidelines. We will provide comprehensive editing and a technical review of your grant proposal prior to its submission.  

Grant Management /Grant Administration  

Under this annual arrangement, we will manage awarded grants for your organization including: preparing grant reports, ensuring contract compliance, attending funder sponsored information sessions, monitoring expenditures, disseminating project information to organizational staff and ensuring all requirements of the grant award are completed. We will ensure that all funder requirements are met. We will not have care, custody or control of organizational funds, nor will we perform accounting services.   

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